Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Graduation Day

Well, My baby has graduated from High School!  Almost 32 years ago when I started this crazy life of motherhood, I'm not sure I ever imagined the years and years of love, laughing, joy and also sadness that has come with the journey.  Wow, what an experience I cherish.
Jessi was a little hesitant about graduating because she claimed she didn't want to grow up.  In ways Jessi grew up too quickly years ago and in other ways she has so enjoyed her comfortable, secluded world of "only child at home" that she hates to leave that safety nest.
Jessi's announcement pictures were taken by me.   She always wanted to have professional "Senior Pics" taken but wanted to gain more weight before she did.  (Yes, I've never heard that before, It is usually 'I need to lose weight before I have pics taken'.)  She has gained a little back since she was so sick, but still felt she would look better later so we are postponing the photo shoot for later.  I think they turned out  adorable, but then she is a very beautiful model.

Graduation Day, June 1, 2012
And now she's off to Europe for three weeks.  Her first lengthy adventure away from home alone.  We'll see how she does.  I'm sure she will embrace it.

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  1. Jeff posted this link on Facebook....Congratulations Jesse! I think I will always picture her as a little 5 year old! Hope you are all doing well. This blog is great by the way. You are an awesome writer. Tell everyone I say Hello!