Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Message For My Young Single Adult Friends!!

On Sunday the women in our YSA ward had such a fun surprise.  One of the young men in the ward wanted to wish all the ladies a Happy Valentines Day and purchased fresh cut flowers for all of them.  (I guess US because I got one also) After Sacrament Meeting they had 5 gallon buckets of water that were full of every kind of flower that one could ever want:  Roses, Daisies, Carnations, Lilies, and lots more that I can't even begin to name.    Of course this wonderful young man did this anonymously.  Whoever he is, he is certainly my hero.  One beautiful girl in our ward, who has experienced some rough years, told me with tears in her eyes that no one had ever given her a flower before.  She cherished it and the one she chose was just like she was; bright, cheerful and radiant.  I'm certain that whoever this wonderful man is he most likely finds himself stuck in the "Friend Zone" of so many women's social circle.  How sad that is because I know that this was a very unselfish and expensive gesture for him.  Obviously he will be an incredible husband and father one day.  I don't need to know who it was for me to know unequivocally that he is an awesome guy and unfortunately there are so many young women who would never give him a chance because he is 'just their friend'.  Ladies, if I were you, I would be looking in that "Friend Zone" of yours and do a little rethinking about some of the guys that you hesitate to date.  I think you might find some incredible husband material there.

Most of these flowers are actually flowers that Spjut gave Jessi before her procedures.  BUT the red rose and dark pink flowers are ones that Jessi and I received on Sunday.  Aren't they Beautiful!!

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