Saturday, September 8, 2012

Inside a Cupboard

Who would of thought that opening a cupboard in someone's home to get a glass for a drink of water would reveal so much about their personality and identity?  Spending the last week in Uncle Rex's home in Kona was an eye opening experience.  This is an incredibly wonderful, generous man who is a true millionaire many times over.  He has supported all the missionaries from his ward in Hawaii, set up trust funds for the children of a family there who have befriended them.  I'm sure he has done the same for people who are in need in his home wards in Park City and Salt Lake.  The lists of his generosity are endless.  He is a true giver in every sense of the word.
On the day of our arrival I opened the door of his kitchen cupboard and this is what we found.
These were the cups that were there for us to use.  Not only are Rex and his wife not soda pop drinkers, I have never known them to go to McDonalds.  My bet is that they were purchased at a garage sale or somewhere similar.  Living in their home for a week, we noticed many extremely frugal purchases on necessities.  I LOVED it!!
No wonder my bank account doesn't look like theirs.  ( There really are many reasons, but this is a big one)  I need to learn from the Best!!!  What do your drinking glasses look like?

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