Monday, October 29, 2012

Awesome Weekend

Amy, Jessi and I spent Friday evening and all day Saturday at the Salt Lake City TIME OUT FOR WOMEN.  Wow!  It seems to get better every year that I attend.  Each speaker was incredible and seemed to have a message tailored just for me.
I was so impressed that cute 18 year old Jessi would come with us and enjoy it!!  She has a deep inner spiritual soul for one so young.
 It is always a challenge for Amy to get babysitters for her children for the two days, so I'm so thankful for her diligence and desire to be there also.
One of the presenters explained why I always feel so driven to attend these kind of events and to have as many of my family with me.  He spoke of how a marinade always seems to make any meat taste better.  It is because it becomes enveloped in the flavors of the marinade.  It has permeated every fiber of the meat making it more tender and flavorful.  This idea was then related to our personal lives and that regardless of our original intention we will eventually become what we surround ourselves with.  Whatever we choose to marinate ourselves in is what we will become.  So every time that we immerse ourselves in wholesome, spiritual and uplifting experiences we obviously become more wholesome, spiritual and uplifted.  In today's world I believe that we need every drop of goodness to permeate our souls to keep us strong against the adversary.

Saturday evening after the TOFW conference we had the adult session of our Stake Conference which is always my favorite.  It was a great conclusion to my day.
Sunday was our family session of Stake Conference which was awesome, especially because Jeff was one of the speakers.  Unfortunately a couple of speakers before Jeff took way more than their allotted time and Jeff knew our stake president had an important message for our stake so he kept his talk extremely short.  I felt bad he didn't get to present his entire message, but he gave an incredible testimony of the Atonement.  There is no message more important.

Oh how I wish every weekend I could be immersed in this much goodness.  I guess I will just have to hope it holds me over for some time.  Obviously I need to improve my own personal study so I can feel the spirit as deeply on my own as when it is shared with me by others.

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